You will not resist: Recipe for green pancakes

Famous chef Jamie Oliver has many delicious and healthy recipes, and these green pancakes are ideal for all those who want a tasty and healthy meal.


Ingredients needed:

1 avocado

350 grams of cherry tomatoes

100 grams of spinach

3 onions

15 grams of fresh coriander

1 lime (or lemon)

olive oil

1 egg

100 grams of flour

250 ml of milk

300 grams of cheese

sea ​​salt, pepper

Method of preparation:

Peel avocado and grate it. Put in a bowl and add the tomato pieces and half of the spinach.

Add the onion to the vegetable dish. Add coriander and lime juice.

Pour all the ingredients with olive oil and add salt and pepper to taste. Set the avocado salad aside.

Put the egg, flour, milk, and the other half of the spinach in a blender and season to taste. Stir until you get a thick mixture.

Grease the pan with olive oil. Pour the mixture and bake on each side for 2 minutes (until the pancake turns golden).

Place the pancake on a plate and fill it with cheese and avocado salad.


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