YOU THOUGHT IT WAS A DRESS? What does the female sign on the toilet door mean?

The male character has pants, and the female has a dress, so at least it should be. However, now that has changed. So as part of the campaign, they discovered that it was never really a dress on a woman’s toilet sign. One of the representatives of the company “Axosoft” confirmed that the dress in the shape of a triangle on the female sign for the toilet, never actually represented a dress.


Who would tell? It is about the cloak, which was supposed to say that women can be superheroes, writes the Mirror. – In science, technology, art, mathematics, politics, on the streets and in our homes, women are often invisible, uninvited or simply bypassed. Girls and women who are interested in science, technology, mechanics, and mathematics are a minority – said the company “Aksosoft”.


Their campaign “It’s never a dress” aims to encourage conversations about accepting women in any profession. It is not just about gender equality, but also about filling the big shortage of jobs in many occupations.



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