What is more harmful: long sitting at work or at home?

Research by US scientists has shown that not all forms of sitting have the same detrimental effect on heart health. They noticed the difference between sitting at work and doing office work or being at a computer and sitting on the sofa next to the TV.

We have long known that a sedentary lifestyle has a very bad effect on a person’s health, especially on the health of the heart and blood vessels. Scientists themselves were surprised to find that the time you spend sitting on the couch at home and watching TV is more associated with an increased risk of developing heart disease than sitting at work.


“Our results suggest that the way we spend our free time after work is very important for circulatory health,” said lead researcher Dr. Keith Diaz of Columbia University.


Even scientists do not fully understand why a sedentary lifestyle is potentially more harmful than sitting at work, but they believe the answer lies in a long, uninterrupted sitting.

Most people have a habit of sitting on the couch in front of the TV for a long time and not moving at all, let alone getting up. However, at work, you occasionally get up from the desk. At the same time, while watching TV, most people reach for snacks, processed and fast food, sweetened and carbonated juices, and alcohol. Another possible explanation may be the choice of time for rest and sitting at leisure.

Namely, the combination of a hearty meal and then sitting for several hours can be especially harmful. Therefore, you need to be active after work.



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