What can you do to encourage your baby to walk?

Babies usually start walking between 8 and 18 months. But the process of walking independently is different for each baby. Hold your baby in a standing position, or place him near support furniture when he is ready to stand. Putting toys out of their reach will encourage them to take steps until they finally start walking on their own.

Babies are naturally motivated to walk as they mature. So from about 6 to 13 months, they start to crawl, and then between 9 and 12 months, they try to stop. You should not and must not rush your baby during these developmental stages, but you should help him in the following way:

  1. Be creative until they start crawling

  1. Give them a hand when they stop

  1. Watch out for them as they move

  1. Walk together so that they gain self-confidence

  1. Give them applause for the goal achieved

  1. Baby Care in your home

  1. Let them go barefoot

  1. Give them a daily massage

  1. See a doctor if they do not start going 18 months



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