Water diet: A new absolute hit in weight loss with a plan – how, when and how much to drink water to lose weight

The water diet has become an absolute hit since someone spread the rumor. That the popular Beyonce with her help weakened a lot after the birth. The diet contains a five-day plan. It is based on water as the main ingredient. Which is introduced during the day, which does not mean that only water should be drunk, but it is the main “food”. There are several different “water diets”, depending on the goal to be achieved.


People who have a problem with excess weight often lead the body to dehydration, which can further worsen the metabolism. The recommended daily dose of water to keep the body hydrated is eight glasses. And this is known to the birds on the branch.

By keeping your body sufficiently hydrated, you will properly stimulate better metabolism. Which means better calorie burning and easier weight loss. In addition to improving metabolism, water can help the body cleanse itself of toxins, improve the functioning of the liver and colon. If you are planning to try this diet, consult your doctor, because each organism is different.



You should drink 8 glasses of water. If you want, you can replace only one with apple juice or eat fresh apples, if that is easier. The point of these apples is malic acid, which helps to eliminate toxins from the liver. If you feel hungry, you can eat fresh fruit, preferably one that is full of water, such as apples, pears, watermelon. Don’t starve if you feel very hungry – nibble on what you want.


Today you should drink 2 glasses of water, as soon as you get up from sleep, to wash away all the accumulated toxins that are prepared to leave the body from the previous day. Drink another 8 glasses during the day. Eat vegetables, especially carrots, and that fresh form, but if you can’t, then cook it. You can replace one fresh meal with cooked vegetables.


Today, drink at least 8 glasses a day and more if you can, with what you can eat fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities. You can steam the vegetables without adding salt and spices. This day there will be visible changes in your skin, it will be whiter, clearer, and soft to the touch. Even this day you will really start to lose weight, being the first two days without basing only on detoxification of the body.


If you weigh yourself today, your scales should show at least 1.5 kg less, of course, if you strictly adhere to the plan for the previous three days. With 8 glasses of water, today you can eat bananas and milk. Nothing else is allowed, no fruits or vegetables.


On the last day of this diet, you should drink 10 glasses of water and eat tomatoes, at least 6 a day. If you feel exhausted, feel free to eat one portion of cooked beef (no more than 150-200 g).


On the sixth day, you should be able to gain an incredible 5 kilograms. You can return to your standard diet by increasing them with fresh foods and avoiding fizzy drinks and other sugar-filled foods. Experts say that the water diet has no side effects and that your body will be greeted after this five-day program. As you will throw out more toxic substances. How do you think you think he is too restrictive? Will you try the diet?



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