Turn your old phone into a security camera

If you have an old phone that collects dust, you can use it in a very functional way. Of course, provided it works. One of the most useful ways to bring your old Android or iPhone back to life is to turn it into a security camera.

Install the right application First, you need to choose the right application that will “turn” your phone into a security camera. And there are many such applications. They offer features such as local streaming, cloud streaming, video recording, and storage locally or elsewhere, and there are motion sensors and alarms.

Once you find the app that works best for you in the Google Play Store and install it on your phone, you can proceed to the next step. One of the most popular applications for this purpose is “Alfred”, which is free and available for Android and iOS platforms. Install the app on your new and old phone and sign in with the same Google Account. On the phone, you are using, select the Viewer option, and on the old Camera.

Choose a position for your camera Once you have set up the transfer through the application you have selected, you need to set up the phone in the right place. If it is waterproof, you can even put it on the outside of the house, garage, or somewhere in the yard, or any part of your home that you have reason to monitor.

Leave the phone and provide power The video transmission consumes a lot of battery power, so it is best to place the phone somewhere close to the wall socket so that it can be constantly powered on.


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