This Japanese ‘Ghost-Detecting’ Stone On Amazon Changes Color If A Ghost Is Nearby

If the light indicates blue, it means you have an angel around you, while on the other hand, if it indicates red, it means that there is a ghost in your proximity.

The fantasies of everyone interested in the paranormal world have come true with this “ghost-detecting” stone, a product that you can find on Amazon. This stone called “Baketen Reiseki” is made by the Japanese company, Solid Alliance. It can change its color to indicate the presence of any ghosts around, reports Bustle. The practical credibility of this device is unknown, despite the claims that it can detect supernatural elements in your surroundings. However, its appearance is attractive and is a fun device to have to play around with your friends. Solid Alliance is known for manufacturing ghost detectors since their first device came out in 2005.

As per a 2019 press release from Solid Alliance, “The first model in ghost detector series was introduced in Japan in 2005 and became a big hit in the sub-culture market in Japan. Lots of ghost reports were sent to the company and media. As the result, over 200,000 units were sold in Japan.” The press release commented on the working of the device by saying, “The mechanism to detect the ghost is based on the deviation of random numbers. The company does not disclose its algorithm, but many users reported some weird experience with the product.” They have continued to release updated versions of devices and the latest one is available on Amazon, per Bustle. In this device, if the light indicates blue, it means you have an angel around you. On the other hand, if it indicates red, it means that there is a ghost in your proximity. A green light means your surroundings are free of any paranormal energy.

The name of the device has an elaborate Japanese meaning. ‘Baketan’ comes from the word ‘obake’ which means a type of monster and ‘tan’ which means to search. ‘Reiseki’ is also made up of two words, ‘rei’ or spirit and ‘seki’ which means stone. ‘Baketan Reiseki’ literally means a stone that searches for spirits. The Baketan Reiseki can also function in three separate modes. The stone’s manual mode is ‘Search mode,’ which is triggered by pushing a button on the gadget. If you wish to inspect the area in which you are presently standing, click the button to activate this mode and wait a few minutes. First, the gadget will emit a beeping sound and the light will flash several times. The light will finally settle on a single hue that will indicate what is going on.

Meanwhile, ‘Automatic search mode’ examines the surroundings every 10 minutes and provides a reading depending on what it finds. ‘Barrier mode’ apparently defends you against spirits, but it’s not entirely obvious how it does so. It hasn’t been established if the device works accurately but there is a video where SoraNews24 took a Baketan Reiseki to the infamous Chillingham Castle in the U.K. The stone got most active just outside the gates of the castle.

According to its item listing, the Baketan Reiseki gets its energy from shattered quartz. It is powered by batteries, the light is most likely an LED bulb or something similar, and the overall enclosure appears to be plastic. The quartz is formed like a ring and wraps around the battery. The Baketan Reiseki is available on Amazon for 3,024 yen (about $28 USD).




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