Think hard: These are the tattoos that people regret the most

Before you decide to get a tattoo, you should think carefully about what you will write or draw on your body so that you do not regret it quickly. That is why professional tattoo master Herschel Karasko discovered on TikTok which tattoos you might not need to do just because they are in trend and you might want to change them very quickly, that is, as soon as the trend passes.

The first tattoo on this list is a sign of infinity, and Herschel explains that people want to take it off. Remake it because with age, as the skin ages, the sign loses its shape.

Feathers, birds, and roses may look romantic, but the tattoo master says that people often get bored of these drawings because they don’t have much meaning for them, but have tattooed them because they are beautiful. People tattooed the barcode, arrows, and the inscription “Mind over matter”.  Often returned to the salon with the desire to create something else, UNLADE reports.

Of course, the list also includes the names of the partners as well as dates, anniversaries for a very simple reason – the relationship or marriage is terminated and the person no longer wants to have anybody reminders of the ex.



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