Save money – heat your home in a simple way

Now is the perfect time to try this!   If during these autumn days it seems to you that the radiator in the room is not enough, a simple trick with foil will surely help you. It will be warmer in your apartment, and you will not pay extra. Here’s what to do: -Glue any reflective material to the wall behind the radiator, for example,  aluminum foil or foil to protect the windshield from the car. Instead of heating the wall, the heat from the radiator will be reflected in the room. Glue the aluminum foil to a piece of cardboard so that the shiny side of the foil is visible from the outside, then place the cardboard between the wall and the radiator. Of course, the foil side should face the radiator.   Instead of going through the outer walls, the heat will return to the room. Watch the video:


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