Put this in the pan and the oil will not spray while you fry – advice from an experienced housewife

From now on you can stand in front of the stove without worries. Many people avoid frying in a pan, not only because the fried food absorbs a lot of oil. But also because it splashes around and contaminates the stove.

However, no matter how much we avoid this way of cooking. There are still some favorite chills that are preparing this way. That we occasionally want to afford on our menu.

However, while frying meat, peppers, potatoes, or something else, the hot oil bursts and stains the plate. Fortunately, there are some wise tips from experienced housewives that will help make this a thing of the past.

This very easy and simple trick is quite effective, and few people know it. Namely, the secret ingredient that helps in different situations in the kitchen – is salt. For example, salt is added to water that we want to boil faster. Salt is also applied to the area of ​​skin that we have burned or injured.

So, a little salt is added to the oil in which we plan to fry. As soon as you put frying oil in the pan, add a pinch of salt (max to half a teaspoon depending on the amount) before heating.

In addition to adding salt to the oil, it is also very important that the food you plan to fry is well wiped with water or moisture. Because it is the combination of moisture and oil that leads to spraying.

If they are French fries, after cutting them, wash them with cold water, drain them, and then wrap them in a cotton cloth and rub them well to collect all the moisture.

The same is done with the other groceries. Use a cotton swab or paper towel to collect moisture. After wiping the groceries, it is necessary to lower them in the hot oil, but with the help of a spatula, from the lowest possible height.

In order for your kitchen to stay cleaner after frying, it is important that the pan in which you fry is not too shallow, because that way the oil will constantly overflow out of it. So, use a deeper pan or pot.

Only when you make fried zucchini, crispy like chips – the above tips do not apply. Namely, if you want to make crunchy zucchini chips, they are dipped in cold water and immediately immersed in hot oil.

Here is how:


Cut the zucchini into as thin circles as you can. Flour each circle well on both sides, then briefly immerses it in a glass or deep bowl filled with cold water and immediately lower them into the hot oil. Fry very briefly in deep oil, and take out on a paper napkin. They do not spray while frying and come out crispy like potato chips.





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