Only in Eastern Europe: A town whose turquoise, wooden church takes you into space

In the small Ukrainian town of Pereyslav, which many miss during a visit to Ukraine, real miracles are hidden. Apart from the “typical” museums (although nothing typical here) which are why it is called a museum city, the Space Research Museum is also worth mentioning. A museum like any other, you might say, but it is interesting that it is housed in a small, wooden church!

Maybe while passing by the church, however, it will attract your attention without you knowing about the cosmic mysteries that are hidden inside it. It is a 130-year-old turquoise church. It is dedicated to Saint Petka, a protector from diseases and various accidents, whose cult is especially widespread among the Orthodox peoples.

Today the premises in the church are presupposed for another purpose. Instead of an altar, iconostasis, and a confessional, the space abounds with memories of when the USSR dominated the universe. Parachute training by Yuri Gagarin, models of rockets and satellites, cans of food eaten by astronauts in space are just some of the exhibits in the church museum.

The museum was founded in 1970 at a time when museums dedicated to science were being built instead of churches. Although the situation is different today, this museum-church cannot boast that it was ever renovated. The locals are worried about its fate because it is the only such museum in the world, and you will admit that it looks phenomenal.

The city of Pereyslav is located on the banks of the Dnieper River, about an hour and a half drive from Kyiv. In addition to the museum exhibit dedicated to space discoveries and research, here you can find a real “slavorum” museum of cultural heritage because it abounds in collections of old windmills, exotic sculptures, and even warplanes in the yard… A real treasure in a seemingly ordinary place!





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