Looking for a new way to relax? Try these fun mobile games

Alto’s Odyssey

This Zen game will appeal to everyone who cares about the atmosphere. All you have to do is touch your cell phone in some places to make your hero jump, and you are surrounded by beautiful scenery and magical music. You can start the game if you have 10 free minutes that you want to “spend”, but it can become “contagious”.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

In this game, you are looking for clues to find out why everyone disappeared in a small town. You are a detective who curiously explores the small town of Radcliffe and finds clues, solves small puzzles, and solves the investigation.

House Flipper

Do you want a makeover and do you want to watch renovation shows? You will love the work of the experts in beautifying ruined houses that you will give a second life to and sell them for a higher price.



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