I always keep 2 wet sponges in the fridge: Tip that is worth its weight in gold!

By some coincidence, I found out about this ingenious idea which I will be happy to share with you! A few months ago I was visiting a friend of mine.

There I found her daughter, all crying, pressing a sponge firmly on her arm. When I asked my friend what happened, she replied: “She fell while playing outside. So now she is holding a cold sponge until her pain subsides.”

Naturally, I was surprised, although I know that all injuries involve a cold compress to reduce pain and prevent swelling and bruising. I asked her where the cold sponge came from, and she replied: “I have at least 2 to 4 sponges in the fridge every day.

These are clean sponges that I soak well in plain water, squeeze a little, and put in a clean bag, in the refrigerator. When the child is injured (scratches, blows, cuts), I put that sponge on the wound. I do not care, because I know that the sponge is clean. I used to put bags of frozen vegetables, which when melted you have to throw away because it turns into porridge. I’m not a proponent of putting fresh meat on baby skin, so I do not. The sponge performs the function of dry ice. ”


I honestly admired this idea. Since I have two children aged 5 and 7, these sponges seemed like a revelation to me. Now I have 2 wet sponges in the fridge every day, so I don’t need them by accident!



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