Here’s how to fix scratched glasses

All those who wear glasses know how much inconvenience it causes them to maintain their cleanliness. The windows must always be clean to have a clear and clear view. They all make a special effort to protect their glasses from scratches and dirt. But every time an accident happens, regardless of caution. Scratches on the windows are mostly small but can be annoying and irritating to the eye. That’s why we present you one of the best ways to simply eliminate scratches from your glasses, as well as from the display of smartphones.

The best solution proved to be one ingredient that we all have in our kitchen, and that is baking soda. This is a truly phenomenal product that. In addition to eliminating scratches from the glasses, is also used for care and beauty, as a cleanser, as a medicine, and today you will read exactly how it is used in the glasses. It is necessary to make a mixture of baking soda and water, to get a thick texture like a paste. Gently apply the resulting mixture on the glass, then in circular motions pass over the critical places. Then rinse with a damp cotton cloth, and finally rinse with a dry cloth.



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