DREAM HOUSE: Perfect house with huge terrace (interior + detailed plan)

For all those who plan to build, this is a great idea for a perfect house with a very good layout of the premises. In addition, you can see the interior space with square footage and the plan for the construction of the house. This is a viral house with a detailed plan.


AREA:159.77 m²



Input 5.1 m²

Wardrobe 3 m²

Boiler room 3.8 m²

Room 7.5 m²

Hallway 11.1 m²

Daily stays 26.5 m²

Dining room 16.2 m²

Kitchen 12.4 m²

Bathroom 3.8 m²

Leaves 1.7 m²

Garage 21.8 m²

Terrace 49.8 m²


Total 112.9 m²



Room 15.9 m² (18.9 m²)

Bathroom 3.2 m² (4.7 m²)

Bathroom 6.7 m² (9.9 m²)

Wardrobe 2.9 m² (4.3 m²)

Hallway 12.3 m²

Room 12.3 m² (15.4 m²)

Room 15.3 m² (19.2 m²)

Terrace 22.9 m²


Total: 68.6 m² (84.7 m²)


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