Discover why it is worth spending more time playing with your children

Games are an important part of childhood that is often overlooked or taken for granted. Children are now finding ways to have fun on their own, with more options available than generations before them.

You should use every opportunity to play with children, not to avoid it because these are precious moments of great importance for children. Believe it or not, there are a bunch of benefits to playing with your kids even for you. In addition, playing with your child is very important for building social and emotional connections between you. These facts will make you look at children’s games in a whole new light.

Time spent playing is time spent building skills

Playing helps children develop all kinds of skills. When they are younger, they develop their motor skills as well as creativity through games. As they grow older, they develop strategies for regulating emotions and social interaction.

The game helps children and parents to be physically healthy

The link between play and physical health has been scientifically proven, especially in terms of obesity prevention in children. Gambling also has a beneficial effect on parents’ physical health, which is manifested by the release of the hormone oxytocin, known as the “love hormone”.

Games play an important role in dealing with emotions

Play helps children cope better with stress and anxiety before they are mature enough to share those feelings with others. Games can also have a positive effect on the mental health of parents, especially in terms of the daily, fast pace of life.

The game allows you to build a stable and secure relationship

Whenever you play with your child, you create memories and thus develop your relationship. Play is a great way to deepen the relationship between parent and child that can even help heal old wounds and traumas.

Play can improve literacy

Play is very important when it comes to developing language and communication skills in children. Through play, children learn one of the most important language lessons. They adopt the concept of abstract representation, that is, the idea that one object can represent something else.

The game helps children become independent

Through play, children feel comfortable interacting with the world around them, making their own choices, and becoming aware of the consequences. It also allows them to build confidence in their abilities.

The game helps to develop problem-solving skills

Games allow children to develop problem-solving skills through imaginative play that includes countless different scenarios. Adults use another method, but social interaction combined with abstract thinking can be just as effective an approach.













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