Choose an apple to eat and find out something interesting for yourself

Choose an apple that you would like to eat and find out what your choice means.


Apple No. 1


You are an open and honest person. You never try to hide the truth, no matter what.

You have no hidden intentions or evil thoughts. Do not be afraid to be yourself, do not put on a mask, and maybe that is where your incredible ability to survive in all your ups and downs lies.

You find happiness and contentment in small things, and you do not worry too much. The greatest pleasure will be given to you by an ordinary ripe apple that you have just picked from a branch.


Apple No. 2


You have a lively character, you are full of energy. Boredom is your mortal enemy, and therefore your life is not boring because it is full of events and adventures.

To be found – that is your motto. And, in fact, omnipotent adventures find you on their own. Everything that is original and full of impressions brings you joy and life. Your apple, of course, is sprinkled with chocolate crumbs in the glaze!


Apple No.3


You are an interesting person. Your surroundings think the same. But you think a little differently. You have inherent optimism, imagination, and a sense of beauty. And that inspires people. Everything that happens in your life is very interesting to the people around you.

You are convincing, even if you are not trying to convince anyone of anything. The sweetest piece for you is a good piece of homemade apple pie, which leaves a sweet taste in your mouth.


Apple No.4


Your trump card is – security. Like an armored Rolls-Royce, like a rock you can lean on. You have rare qualities with balanced thoughts, feelings, and actions.

You are restrained, but that sometimes borders on modesty. You listen more than you speak, and that absolutely suits you. You are so faithful and trustworthy that with you, indeed, one can be both in fire and in water. Your dessert is a glass of delicious apple liqueur.


Apple No.5


Joy! When they see you, that word is imposed. You live life to the fullest, and you do not need adrenaline. Life is beautiful – and that’s its charm.

You appreciate everyday tastes, sounds, smells, beauty. For you, even the routine is wonderful and unusual. You make it yourself. From the moment of awakening you live every moment, you like to unite with the world around you. And the most sincere happiness – is that, in simple things. Such as ordinary apples, picked from a branch.


Apple No,6


You are witty and insightful. You have a quick mind and an immediate reaction. You decide everything on the go.

Even if you are not too sociable, you can be talkative and fun when needed. You are very intelligent and witty, you know how to entertain people, no more. What is your weakness? In a jug good apple wine with a piece of nice cheese.



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