Answer how you hold the phone in your hand and find out more about your character!

Scientists have dedicated their time to an interesting study: whether the way people hold their mobile phones reveals something about their character. What is even more interesting is that it directly reflects our personality.

There are four basic ways to hold a phone, and each of them corresponds to a certain character. Find out what type of person you are!

A. Hold the phone in one hand and type the text with your thumb.

If you hold the phone with one hand, it speaks to your sobriety. You are organized and disciplined, you always know what is good for you and what is bad. You want to talk more than you want to listen, but you don’t want to intentionally hurt anyone. You can distinguish sincere love from remaking and acting. Since the wanted person, you will make yourself.

В. Hold the phone with both hands and write the text with your thumb.

It shows that you want protection, care, and attention. You don’t want to show your emotions much and because of that your partner may feel insecure and lack love on your part. Be “soft” and open and feel free to show your feelings!

C. Hold the phone with both hands and use both fingers to dial.

You are often worried about yourself and everything, you are afraid for safety. You need a partner who will understand you 100%. When you are close to a close person you trust, you are full of self-confidence. You want your partner with all your heart and you easily forget the problems of the past.

D. Hold the phone with one hand and type the text with the pointer on the other hand.

You will have a quiet and stable attitude. You are prepared to sacrifice yourself for the good of others. You don’t want a crowd. You want peace and famous places. You are like that in love as well – it is a quiet shore for you. You can’t stand tears, especially when you flash a light. You forgive them for their mistakes with record speed. What type do you belong to? Write in a comment, let’s see what other personality types there are!



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