An amazing trick to discover mold before it appears on the walls

Mold or mildew multiplies by creating spores that are transmitted through the air and seek water. These spores are not living organisms as long as they are dry. With the first traces of water, they become alive, multiply quickly, and are very difficult to eradicate. Do you think you need to break down a wall to check for mold in your home? Not required. In fact, there is a very simple way to check it – and it only takes 30 seconds.

How to check if you have mold in the house?

Open the cistern lid and check the underside. If you see mold there, it can mean that there are already slow molds in other places in your home, which are just waiting for adequate conditions to start multiplying. Although they would think that this is a place where mold would surely collect, that is not true.

The cistern lid itself is heavy, and it does not allow a large amount of air to circulate. Such a small airflow means that it is possible for slow molds to find their way inside, but the chances of that are quite small. However, it is enough that there is a colony of mold spores anywhere in the house, and from there it spreads almost everywhere. More slow means that the chances of mold growth in the tank increase.

Therefore, periodically checking the cistern can prevent major problems in your home. What to do if you notice mold?

If you find mold in a cistern or other part of the house, first solve that problem with the help of appropriate products and cleaning methods. Then it is ideal to seek the help of a mold inspector who will inspect your home in detail, using various measurement techniques and collecting data from the type of mold to the levels of mycotoxins and bacteria.


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