A free trick to return snow-white socks

We all know how hard it is for white socks to actually stay white and how quickly they take on an ugly grayish tone, and it is often impossible to wash them at all so that no stains and stains remain on them.

Before you throw them away and start buying new ones, it may be better to try a trick that is spreading fast on the Internet. It is very simple, and you almost certainly have everything you need in the house! Soak white socks in saltwater Salt is not only useful in the kitchen. It can also be used in the bathroom. For example, to restore the former whiteness with gray socks. It is enough to soak them for about an hour in warm water with salt, and then wash them as usual.

Baking soda with lemon will restore the snow-white color of your socks Universal baking soda is also useful for washing white socks. Soak them in warm water, then spread baking soda paste and lemon juice over them. Do this by rubbing the socks thoroughly as if you were washing them by hand. Put them in warm water for another 15 minutes, then wash as usual. Vinegar bleached the socks Vinegar is a great way to freshen up white socks.

Not only will it restore their previous color, but it will also have a bactericidal and fungicidal effect. This is a great way to effectively disinfect if you wash at low temperatures. In addition, vinegar softens fabrics, so the socks will be pleasant to the touch. Just soak them in water with vinegar and then wash as usual.



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