20+ Parents Whose Experience With Modern Gadgets Made Us Grin

We set up laptops for our parents, help install applications on their smartphones, and teach them how to use emojis and smileys. Still, we are quite used to seeing various malfunctions: a laptop might be refusing to charge, or the Google logo changes every now and then or the phone might start going crazy and add weird dots to all the messages you write.

“I found a copy of the original Doom on a floppy disc in my mom’s desk.”

“Mom asked why the computer was so slow. She has ELEVEN toolbars.”

“My dad doesn’t know how to zoom in on his iPhone. This is how he reads his texts and emails.”

“My dad refuses to use a GPS and tape over the car’s computer screen.”

“Just found out why my mom’s laptop wasn’t charging.”

“My dad called me last night saying that he thinks he has a virus on his laptop because some kind of flower showed up on his screen. Today he sent me this picture.”

“This is how my Auntie blocks ads from her computer screen…”




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